Sustainability Charter

Sustainable Development Goals

FlorAmor and its breeding partner Hortibreed, among others, are focusing even more on sustainability. This has been the case in the past, but by joining forces structurally now, the bar can be raised even higher.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

FlorAmor’s sustainability charter is based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. We focus on three specific pillars that span several SDGs. Specifically: reduce footprint, wellbeing and the third pillar: efficient infrastructure & operations.

But what exactly does this mean?

Reduce footprint

Reduce footprint

First things first: azalea cultivation is a cold crop and therefore has a limited climate footprint anyway. A sustainable basis for Flandresse and Hortinno® azaleas. But our footprint needs to be even smaller.

Our approach? We first map the existing situation and then set precise quantitative and qualitative targets. So we not only analyse the carbon footprint of energy in production, but also water and chemical use, turf reduction and so on. We also review and calculate the most efficient processes for bloom induction and frigo storage.

We also pursue the sustainable line in marketing the products. An example: for our plant labels – in plastic or cardboard – we always choose the smallest production footprint from our suppliers. The same goes for the growing pots. From 2021, Hortinno® azaleas are produced in 100% recycled and recyclable breeding pots with 30% less plastic.

Under the motto: ‘support your locals’, our breeding partner Hortibreed is also actively looking for growers on each continent who grow their products locally. The target? Within five years, Hortibreed wants to grow as many azaleas outside as within Europe, depending on local market needs.



‘Making someone happy with every plant’ – we won’t settle for less. This is our ultimate goal with every step we take. And it is not only our sales market that benefits, but also our employees, visitors, business relations and so on. Everyone should experience this ‘feeling’. How we are already doing that?

  • Language course – FlorAmor immerses non-native employees in a Dutch language course. The result is amazing and goes far beyond boosting language skills. Team spirit and social cohesion in particular reap the benefits.
  • Action ‘Stand Up Against Cancer’  – Floramor passionately supports the annual azalea action and sees this initiative grow every year. Floramor employees also take this to heart personally and cycle 1000 km together every year to do their bit again and again. The Hortinno® azaleas then cross the border to Italy in May to brighten up the annual campaign against cancer.
  • Parfumollis – Breeder Hortibreed is also doing its bit, this year launching a new product under the Hortinno® brand name, the Parfumollis. A fragrant mollis azalea, of which Hortibreed donates as much as a third of the licence revenue to a local charity.

Sustainable business is social business and a happy little plant like an azalea provides a nice support base for this, in which we also like to involve the neighbourhood.

Lean infrastructure and operations

Lean infrastructure and operations

Operational actions can also be improved. Just think about ergonomics. Where possible, we introduce further automation at FlorAmor but also at the production partners, or evaluate new production techniques. A master plan is drawn up per production site to improve soil softening, for instance.

A good example of this. For several years now, the plot borders of various production sites have been sown with wild flowers. A local beekeeper then places his hives here. This year was a top summer and the bees produced some 200 kg of honey. And we don’t keep that for ourselves.

A beautiful and sustainable fulfilment of our purpose ‘To make someone happy with plants’.

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