Clivia, a superb, easy-care houseplant. And oh-so strong, too!

The Clivia is a robust flowering houseplant. Easy-care and disease-resistant. Clivias flower at least once a year and can live for a long time. Whether or not its owner is green-fingered, the Clivia will never disappoint…


Sustainably grown, on Flemish soil 

The Clivia is produced locally and sustainably, with great passion and Flemish craftsmanship. We grow this decorative flowering plant in a natural way, from seed to adult plant, with the minimum of pesticides and energy.


Clivia Strong! by FlorAmor: characteristics

Strong! The perfect name for our Clivia varieties.

Not only are our Clivia varieties strong, they’re also available in a range of colours and pot sizes. And they’ve all been bred in-house. Typical characteristics are a robust, compact plant with broad, dark green leaves. And last but not least, our Clivias boast more flowers per stem.